South Coyote Buttes

Did i tell you that i got a South Coyote Buttes Permits yesterday?
Normally you'll get it everytime you ask for, because
1. just a few people wanna go to
2. just a few people know, that there are South Coyote Buttes
3. South Coyote ButtesYou definetely need a HC 4WD.

If you search for available Permits: Click here and go on South Buttes and the Month, that you wanna go to.
The Regulations are the same than for the North Buttes, but the Chance to get a Permit is much bigger.

You should be an experienced driver since you must drive four-wheel-drive roads through deep sand where there is a good possibility of getting stuck. However, there are many lovely rock formations of photographic potential here. It is just hard to get to and the formations are not as well documented. There is no overnight camping in either unit. Days are booked quickly for the fall and spring slots, but you may have better luck getting a winter reservation. Summers are much too hot.

Some Infos: Coyote Buttes is actually located in the South Coyote ButtesParia Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness area, straddling and south of the Utah-Arizona border. The wilderness area is about 40 miles west of Page, Arizona. It is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. Access is strictly controlled and you can only enter the area with advanced reservation and by permit. The number of people allowed into the area is strictly limited to 20 per Day.

You have to be a hiker to reach this area. There is no road access except at the southern tip of Coyote Buttes South and this access requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The best formations, however, are in Coyote Buttes North. This section is reached via entry points from House Rock Road and Wire Pass.

It is most difficult to describe the way to The Wave. There are no formal trails. The Wave is located at the northwestern edge of the dominant white sandstone formation known as Top Rock. This formation continues south to dividing line between the north and south units. The Wave is along the eastern edge of Sand Cove about 0.4 miles south of the Arizona-Utah state line. It is about a 3-mile hike from Wire Pass (the preferred route). The Wave is quite small. It is best to discuss the route with the Bureau of Land Management personnel when you pick up your permit. The map shows the approximate location to aid you in located it for planning purposes.

The north and south units of Coyote Buttes are treated separately and a permit for one does not allow access to the other. There is a limit of 20 people per day in each unit. For best photo opportunities, you will want to gain access to the north unit. Also access to the south unit is very difficult.

Poverty Flat RanchHow to come to the South Unit :
If you now how to come to the Wave: It's the same Way, on the House Rock Valley Road.

But you don't stop at the Wire Pass Trailhead, even if you wanna go to the Restrooms there, you drive further Southbound. About a Mile after Wire Pass comes the Stateline between Utah and Arizona. The Arizona Trail starts here, a Campground and Restrooms are there.
Mile 14,2: Winter Road to Fredonia, don't care about that.
Mile 16,1: Drive left to the Lone Tree Reservoir, the Trailhead for People with normal Cars. To go further, you need a high-heeled 4WD.
2 and a half Miles later you’ll arrive at the Paw Hole Trailhead. Lal@ at Coyote Buttes SouthSome Teepees, but not very spectacular.
From now on you have to drive through deep Sand.
Another 3 Miles later you arrive,Cottonwood Cove if you arrive, at the Poverty Flat Ranch. Deep Sand on the Way. Now it’s just about 10 or 15 Minutes to go. Follow the Cottonwood Cove Sign to the North. If you see the Teepees on the left Hand, look for a parking Lot, it’s free here, no cost, and walk around as long as you want. Always watch out for dark Clouds and possible Dali Rock or The Tower at South Coyote ButtesRain.

Ok, that’s it for the Moment, this will be continued in the next 20 or 40 Years....

The Picture Gallery Coyote Buttes South is online now. About 70 really bad Pics.....

Another Location: White Pocket, east of Poverty Flat.

Scenic Tours to White Pocket, South Coyote Buttes and other Locations are available at
Paria Outpost and Outfitter



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